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Browse our range of moses basket covers and moses basket accessories. You can find everything you need for your new babies bedding requirements whether you are buying a complete set of moses basket and stand or just buying some extra sheets, coverlet or an extra set of covers.

Pink Moses Basket Covers

pink moses basket covers

For girls pink Moses basket replacement covers are by far the most popular. Although white and off white colours such as cream are also a favourite especially for parents who do not know if they are getting a girl or a boy.

There are some gorgeous sets of covers and bedding sets available if you are opting for a pink colour scheme. Take a look at some of the cutest Moses basket covers in pink, you can buy the covers only without the basket if you already have one and are looking for replacement covers or an additional set.

Blue Moses Basket Covers

blue moses basket covers

For little baby boys blue Moses basket covers still remain popular as it is with the bedding sets as most parents want matching colours. If you are looking for a set of replacement Moses basket dressing covers for your boy there are some adorable sets available. Take a look at the styles available in blue.

White Moses Basket Covers

white moses basket covers

Neutral colours have always been popular especially as many parent prefer a surprise rather than knowing whether they are going to get a boy or a girl. White also goes with anything so is often chosen to match the colour scheme at home.

If you are thinking about choosing a white set of dressing covers then you are spoilt for choice.

Replacement Moses Basket Covers

Many parents have complained in the past about having to buy a basket and cover set combined when they only need the covers. Thankfully if you already have your Moses basket and just need a replacement set of covers you can choose from a wide range of colours and styles.

You may have picked up a basket from a friend or family member or purchased it second hand. The Moses basket or baby bassinet may have come with tired or dated looking covers or none at all.

replacement moses basket dressing covers only

You can now buy replacement Moses basket covers to fit your basket whether it is on the small side or large.

If you need some extra bedding for your baby you can get different or replacement bedding sets. You can buy a mattress to fit your moses basket, it is recommended that you get a new firm and supportive mattress for each new baby. A range of sheets are available from thin cotton summer sheets to thicket waffle patterned sheets. You should increase or decrease the number of sheets needed depending on the season and room temperature.

It can be difficult choosing the right products for baby or your infant. You've spent time getting the nursery ready by decorating or shopping for nursery furniture and trying to fit everything in.

Do you invest in a changing table or make do with a changing mat and change baby on the floor? Have you thought about colours? Blue Gingham is popular for a boy and pink is still a popular colour for girls. Yellow, grey, cream or pastels are lovely calming colours especially when you are trying to get baby to sleep.

The list of items for your newborn can seem endless, from teethers to a baby carrier to baby baskets, car seats and fitted sheets. It can all get a bit stressful so why not sit down, keep baby close and have a cuddle and a cup of tea and browse our range of newborn to infant products.

Moses basket and stand set

If you don't already have a moses basket or maybe you are a friend or relative looking to buy a gift then a moses basket and stand set is an ideal way to get everything you need. Whilst sets can vary you will usually get the basket itself with a fixed, rocking or folding stand along with the mattress and external covers. The bedding is usually purchased separately.

Baby Bedding and Dressing Set

If you are a new parent you may wonder what bedding you will need for your new arrival. There are several bedding options including baskets, cribs, pods to name a few but the most popular for a newborn is the moses basket.

Once you have the basket most people opt for a stand so they can place their new baby next to their bed. You do need a mattress and a mattress cover, both should be new rather than used. The mattress cover will protect the foam mattress, many people choose to buy them as a set as there are several sizes available.

Many new parents choose to dress the moses basket with a full bedding set with traditional frilly covers and bedding. You may opt for a more modern or funky set with dimple or waffle patterns.

Moses baskets are available in a range of styles, designs and in different set combinations. You can buy a baby moses basket on its own or with a stand, you can get fixed stands or rocking stands which can help with getting your little one of to sleep.

Moses basket sets can be purchased with everything you need for your baby including, basket, stand and all the required bedding.

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