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0.5 Tog baby sleeping bag

0.5 tog baby sleeping bags

Baby sleeping bags are now more popular than ever, according to the manufacturers of Grobags for babies 95% of parents now use baby sleep bags. Parents like the fact that their little one is safe and is less likely to wake up in the night as they can't kick off a sleeping bag like they can a sheet.

The sleeping bags designed for use by babies gives your little one the freedom to kick and exercise their legs without breaking free from their coverings. This can prevent a lot of unnecessary waking for baby (and for parents) due to your baby waking up because they are too cold.

For many parents the worry is about overheating. A baby sleeping bag is designed so that their head and arms are free so they are covered in a manner similar to that as if they were swaddled. Having their head exposed allows them to lose head naturally, babies lose most of the heat from their heads to keep cool.

0.5 Tog baby summer sleeping bags

These baby sleep bags are designed for summer use where less heat is trapped by the fabric of the material allowing your baby to remain cooler and more comfortable. The guidelines by the major manufacturers suggest that a 0.5 tog sleeping bag is suitable for temperatures over 24C compared to a 1 tog rated sleep bag being suggested for temperatures between 20C and 24C.

Research has shown that when using conventional bedding, babies and toddlers tend to get too hot in the warm, summer months. Keeping your little one cool and comfortable while they sleep is essential to reducing the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

0.5 Tog newborn baby summer sleep bags

0.5 tog summer sleep bag newborn

These sleeping bags are specifically designed for newborn babies so they will be a better fit. They come in a range of fun designs to suit both girls and boys as well as neutral designs that are suitable for all little ones.

Both front and side zip designs are available to make it easier and more convenient to change nappies without having to completely remove your little one from their sleeping bags. If you want more room as your baby grows choose from one of the designs that include adjustable shoulder snaps.

These extra soft and breathable fabric baby sleeping bags are sure to keep your baby snug and cosy without overheating, making for a longer, less disturbed nights sleep.

0.5 Tog 0-6 months baby summer sleep bags

0.5 tog summer sleep bag 0-6 months

A delightful range of 0.5 tog summer sleeping bags suitable for babies from 0-6 months. There is a wide range of designs and colours from various brands including the most popular sleep bags from the Gro Company. Gro was the company that first popularised the baby sleeping bag in the UK and are the only bags recommended by the Lullaby Trust.

Young babies can benefit from a less disturebed nights sleep in a sleeping bag specifically designed for the needs of their small bodies. Compared to standard baby bedding they provide a more consistent temperature making baby more comfortable and less prone to waking.

Look out for features designed for the needs of babies, safety features and convenience for parents. Look for sleeping bags meeting the BS EN 16781:2018 safety standards showing that it has been tested and is safe for use in a babies cot.

0.5 Tog 6-18 months baby summer sleep bags

0.5 tog summer sleep bag 6-18 months

As your little one grows they move around more so one of the benefits of using a baby sleep bag for your 6 to 18 month old is to ensure they are not constantly kicking off their coverings. Sleep bags are specially designed for little ones to not only be safe and cosy but strong.

As they get older they can have a tendency to push with their legs and try to pop themselves out of their sleeping bags. Our little one, being very long for her age often tried to pop open the shoulder studs by pushing on the bottom of the bag with her feet. We learned from this and made sure we bought a bag with secure double popper studs.

These 0.5 tog summer sleeping bags for 6-18 month olds come in a range of bright and cheerful patterns as well as plain coloured designs. Makes available from trusted brands including the Gro company and Tommee Tippee as well as others. You can even get mosquito repellent baby sleeping bags designed for hot summers that have an outer shell impregnated with odour free eucalyptus.

0.5 Tog 18-36 months baby summer sleep bags

0.5 tog summer sleep bag 18-36 months

As your little one gets older and more active they need a sturdy well made sleeping bag for the summer. Buying a branded sleeping bag for your 18-36 month old that you know is designed for the hot weather and you know will stand up to the rough and tumble of an active toddler.

There are a number of unisex designs including patterned and animal prints as well as sleep bags for both boys and girls.

Don't forget these summer tog bags are light and airy, designed to ensure your toddler doesn't get too hot. They are also great if you travel to be used when on holiday or visiting friends and relatives. Most are designed to be compatible with child and baby car seats so your little one can be moved into and out of the car without getting them undressed.

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