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Cot bed fitted sheets

cot bed fitted sheets

When it comes to baby bedding you want to know your newborn is both safe and comfortable. Fitted sheets offer the convenience and security of knowing they can be changed quickly and easily and fit snuggly and safely to remain flat and secure.

As a new parent you want to know you are buying cot bedding that is not going to be harmful. You want a bedding set that you can trust has not been made using toxic substances that may react with your babies skin.

From our research we found that apart from the range of cute designs available the priorities for parents were safety, softness and fitment.

We found a number of sheet brands were not as soft as others, some well known brands were let down by poor manufacturing where some sheets fitted and others did. Even cases where sheets were sold in twin packs where one sheet fitted and the other didn't.

From the results of our reviews of the manufacturers and customer feedback for the safest, softest and best fitting sheets these are our recommendations.

Cot bed sheets carrying the Oeko-Tex certified label means that they have been made without using harmful or dangerous substances.

Fitted cot bed sheet sizes

‣ Space Saver (mini cot) fitted sheets 100 cm x 50 cm
‣ Cot fitted sheets 120 cm x 60 cm
‣ Cot bed fitted sheets 140 cm x 70 cm

Fitted sheets for cot beds can be found in the standard UK sizes of 70 x 140cm and 60 x 120cm. Additionally there is the less common space saver cot bed sheets that are slightly smaller at 50 x 100cm.

Best quality fitted sheets

silentnight cot bed fitted sheets

Our pick for best quality sheets for cot beds are the Silentnight range of fitted sheets. Silentnight make a range of baby bedding including sheets for moses baskets, cribs, cots and cotbeds.

Silentnight sheets are Oeko-Tex certified which is the guarantee they reach the highest standard for safe bedding. These fitted sheets are part of the safe night nursery range designed to be as safe and as comfortable as possible for your little one.

With Silentnight's safe night bedding collection you are getting a quality fitted sheet that as well as being safe for newborns they are also designed to last.

Many of the cotton bedding sheets available have received at least some negative reviews about the sheets shrinking after a number of washes. Silentnight sheets however are designed to last and keep their shape for 50 washes.

These are 100% cotton sheets with elasticated edges to ensure the sheets fit mattresses tightly giving a flat surface. Sheets that are too big or become loose over time can end up scrunching up and potentially becoming uncomfortable or worse coming unattached from the mattress causing a hazard.

When it comes to comfort the silentnight range is as soft as a cuddle. You can tell the quality of th pure cotton sheets and the detail of the stitching of the elasticated edges.

These sheets are designed to be a tight fit to ensure there is no rucking or the bottom sheet does not come loose. There are a number of colours including the usual white, cream, pink and grey as well as a nice range of two tone patterned sheets including stars and letters. They also do matching bumper protector sleeves that go around the wooden side bars of your cot.

BreathableBaby Superdry fitted sheets

breathablebaby breathable cot bed fitted sheets

The Superdry sheets made by BreathableBaby are designed for safety due to their breathability and reduced risk of overheating associated with bedding. They are designed to fit both Cots (120cm x 60cm) and cot beds (140cm x 70cm) and are available in a range of bright and cheerful prints.

BreathableBaby are most well known for their breathable bumpers for cots but also use the same technology to make sheets and other baby bedding. BreathableBaby uses their 'Birdseye' fabric designed to wick away moisture to help keep your baby dry and cool much like sports fabric. The fabric is hypoallergenic and machine washable with the added bonus that their material drys fast making the turnaround to reuse the fitted sheet faster.

breathablebaby breathable sheets

The bed sheets are super soft and designed to be safe for babies from birth. The fitted cot bed sheets come in a range of cute designs that can be mixed and matched with their other baby products such as the breathable cot bumpers.

Based in the UK BreathableBaby have been getting some good customer feedback for their super dry fitted cot sheet range. Most notably was the fact that this brand of sheet actually fits the mattress without being too tight. One issue many customers have had with other brands is that the fitted sheets are sometimes too tight to fit the mattresses.

Mama Designs organic fitted sheet

mama designs fitted sheet for cot bed

We were impressed by the cot and cot bed fitted sheets from Birmingham based Mama Designs. The company started more than 10 years ago when new mum Keira designed a discreet breastfeeding cover so she could breastfeed her son in public.

Mama design's products meet all UK safety standards and are designed from a mother's perspective. Their super soft jersey 100% organic cotton sheets are made in the UK and they make sizes to fit moses baskets (73 x 30cm), cots (120 × 60cm) and cot beds (140 x 70cm) such as the SnuzKot.

The combed interlocked cotton cot bed sheets (thicker and softer) are made from organic cotton so are safer for babies. These sheets are made in the UK, it's great to see more baby bedding made in Britain so it is easier to monitor quality and working conditions as well as supporting the economy.

Mama Designs fitted cot sheets are available in grey, pink and turquoise and soon to be available in white. It would be nice to see them available in cute and fun animal, pattern and nature print designs (Keira?) but this is a minor gripe as the plain sheet colours match with most bedding.

mama designs cot bed fitted sheets

It's great to see there are no complaints about these sheets fitting the stated mattress sizes. The extra thick elasticated bands around the edge of the sheets ensure a proper fit. It's worth making them properly in the first place rather than mass producing them in China knowing full well a percentage of them will not fit properly.

Mama Designs also make a great range of linen products for baby including their pineapple print muslin squares, several cellular blanket designs, bunting (great for nursery decoration) and their famous Babasac multi-tog sleeping bags that you can adjust the tog rating to suit the season.

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