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Are you are looking to buy a moses basket with stand and cover set?

moses basket with stand

With a new baby on the way one of your priorities is sorting out babies sleeping arrangements and that usually means a moses basket with a stand. This traditional combination offers a convenient and comfortable way to keep your little one by your bedside as well as offering the option of daytime naps with the basket being easily transferred to other rooms.

Wicker baskets have been the traditional favourite which are now available in grey and white as well as natural. Palm is also a popular and affordable choice and can be easily decorated in the bedding colour of your choice.

Baskets can be bought with matching stands in a range of colours including natural wood, grey and white being popular choices. You can get foldable stands making it easier to transport for travel or moving from room to room.

Rocking stands can provide a soothing way to gently reassure or help your baby to fall asleep. You can get both side to side rockers or back and forth depending on your requirements.

The safest way for a baby to sleep is on its back, in its own cot or moses basket in the parents room for the first 6 months - NICE Centre for Clinical Practice

For the first 3 to 4 months your newborn will be safe and secure in a traditional moses basket. Baskets tend to be lightweight and portable making them an ideal and generally cheaper alternative to cribs, cots or a bassinet.

Moses basket with stand and bedding

Buying a moses basket and stand set is a cost effective way to get the basket and stand as well as a mattress and dressing set including the hood and quilt. All you need to do is choose your baby bedding which are the sheets and mattress cover that will tend to be the items that get changed and washed regularly.

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