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Moses Basket Bedding

With a young baby you will find that you will need plenty of good clean moses basket bedding. You can get bedding in a set with the basket and stand but you usually only get one set and will need spares. The type of bedding that you need will vary depending on how your little one is sleeping.

You can get baby sleeping bags but you will still need mattress covers and basket covers. You can buy cotton sheets or blankets either in plain and neutral colours or if you want something a bit brighter you can get bedding with different designs such as with cars or animals or little kids cartoon characters on. You can even get personalised moses basket bedding, covers and sheets.

Personalised Moses Basket Covers

personalised moses basket covers

A personalised set of covers or bedding for the Moses basket or pram makes a great gift and keepsake for your little one. There is a range of personalised baby products available where you can have your babies name or date of birth or a cartoon character or cute emblem stitched onto covers, blankets, fleeces, pram covers and other bedding keepsakes.

If you are looking for something a bit different then why not get your babies name or nickname stitched onto a moses basket bedding set. You get just the set only and not the basket of stand as it is designed to be given as a gift or keepsake.

personalised moses basket bedding

Included is the moses basket bedding set, cover, hood and quilt. It is the quilt that you can get personalised with a name. There are quite a few designs to choose from and the covers will fit standard sized baskets measuring 16 to 17 inches by 32 to 33 inches. For those more used to metric the size in centimetres are approximately 40 to 43 cm by 81 to 84 cm.

When ordering don't forget to specify the exact lettering and stitch colour that you require.

Personalised baby blankets

personalised baby blankets

Another great idea is getting a personalised baby blanket as this can be used as a floor blanket, Moses or cot cover or a cover to be used with a buggy or pram to keep your little one warm and comforted.

A blanket is something your baby is more likely to use as they grow to a toddler as many toddlers love blankies and playing with the tag. A customised baby blanket is also a cheaper option than a set of covers and makes a great personalised baby gift.

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