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If your moses basket did not come with a set of covers or you want a spare or replacement set of moses basket covers then you can buy them here. An extra set of covers is useful for when one set is in the wash. Like any fabrics they do get dirty and need cleaning, most sets are machine washable at 60 degrees, hot enough to kill bacteria.

replacement moses basket covers

If you fancy a change you may want to get a cover set that better suits your tastes or your room decor. Maybe you did not know if you were having a boy or a girl and so left buying the covers until the last minute. You can of course get sets in neutral colours.

The fabric used for a bedding set is usually a cotton and polyester blend although you can get organic cotton sheets, blanket, hood and coverlet baby bedding.

There are a number of different types of moses basket you can buy for your new baby such as a bassinet, noah pod or a traditional basket made of wicker or popular alternatives such as willow, palm or hyacinth (100% natural Water Hyacinth).

replacement moses basket covers

Whether you are looking for bedding for a cot, small bed, baby bassinet or baby basket there is a wonderful range of designs and sizes to fit. As a parent you want to make sure your babies sleeping arrangements are taken care of properly making sure you choose something that is naturally breathable and soft but is also machine washable.

When it comes to putting a baby to sleep your main concern is whether your infant is safe and secure. Natural materials like hyacinth moses baskets are becoming more popular and organic breathable materials that are naturally soft and kind to delicate baby skin. It's also about being practical with a basket that is lightweight and sturdy.

Choosing the covers and baby bedding is something that is down to individual taste and you are spoilt by the choice of styles and colours. Everything from frilly and regal to modern and tasteful in a range of neutral and natural colours that echo the right tones for your babies nursery or infants bedroom.

Replacement moses basket covers

You can buy moses basket replacement covers separately and basket dressing sets including hood covers on there own.

A set of spare replacement moses basket dressing covers will usually come as a full set which includes:

‣ Replacement hood cover
‣ Basket frill and quilt
‣ Mattress
‣ Fitted sheet
‣ Padded under liner

Most sets are machine washable at 60 degrees, hot enough to kill bacteria.

Make sure you purchase a set with the correct size mattress to fit your basket or a set that fits up to a certain size basket. Additionally not all sets come with hood bars or hoops to support the hood cover as if you already have a basket with a hood you'll have these already.

isabella alicia moses basket covers

Moses basket covers from designer Isabella Alicia, are popular with a range of colours from pinks, blues and neural whites. They are available in a range of materials and designs such as Broderie Anglaise and waffle. They are easy to fit and remove for machine washing so practical too.

The shopping list for any newborn may seem endless, especially if you are a new parent. However choosing bedding for baby should be a joy and not a chore and choosing the right cover set can really make a room. Imagine spending cuddle time with baby, gently rocking in in your chair in a relaxing and calming environment with the right nursery furniture complete with the soft pastel, neutral or grey tones of the bedding.

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