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Moses Basket Fitted Sheets

moses basket fitted sheets

With a newborn baby it is recommended that you have several fitted sheets for your moses basket mattress. When the current sheet needs changing you have a spare to replace it. It's prudent to have several spare sheets as you may end up having to change then several times in one night.

There are several really good branded fitted moses basket sheets that not only offer a good fit, are baby soft and wash well without excessive shrinkage. The cost of a twin pack of fitted sheets can vary but you need to be mindful of quality. Some sheets are both good value and great quality offering the softness a baby needs as well as being easy to wash.

You can buy fitted sheets for your moses basket in a range of soft pastel colours and some tasteful patterned prints. Whilst white and cream baby sheets are popular parent also opt for plain soft pink and blue moses basket sheets as these are the classic baby pink and baby blue we associate with babies.

Silentnight Safe Nights Fitted Moses Basket Sheets

moses basket fitted sheets silentnight

Silentnight is a reputable brand for baby bedding and their sheets are produced in Oeko-Tex certified facilities meaning they meet the most stringent standards for baby products.

Silentnight fitted sheets are made from super soft jersey cotton designed for delicate baby skin and encourage a safe, sound nights sleep. These fitted moses basket sheets are designed to fit mattresses requiring a fitment of 27cm (width) x 74cm (length) and they have an ample 9cm depth to fit comfortably around the each of the mattress without being too tight that they won't fit or too loose as to become a hazard. Bottom sheets should always fit flat and tight.

DK Glovesheets Organic fitted moses basket sheets

moses basket fitted sheets dk glovesheet organic

The organic moses basket fitted sheets from DK Glovesheets come highly recommended for their exceptional quality and softness. You may not have heard about DK but they are a British company that have been making quality baby bedding right here in the UK since 1950.

DK Glovesheets provide a fantastically super soft sheet that as the name suggests fits like a glove. They are made out of 100% organic cotton and are available in two sizes to fit a large 78cm x 33cm moses basket mattress or a small 73cm x 30cm mattress.

BabyPrem Value Fitted Moses Basket Sheets

babyprem value moses basket fitted sheets

The best budget fitted sheets you can buy for your money are the BabyPrem range of bedding. They represent good value and good quality although you do get what you pay for so don't expect the same level of finish or quality as DK's Glovesheets or Silentnight sheets. Saying that if you are on a budget they will do the job.

BabyPrem's fitted sheets are designed to fit moses basket mattresses 73-76cm x 28-30cm so if you have a larger mattress then you would need the large fitted sheet from DK Glovesheets as these will not stretch enough to fit the larger 78cm x 33cm size bedding.

You may be interested to know that BabyPrem also manufacture their sheets in the UK. They are available in a range of sizes and colours and can find their range of sheets for moses baskets here.

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