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Moses Basket Liner

The moses basket liner is used to provide extra padding giving greater comfort and a better nights sleep for your baby. Moses baskets are made from natural materials such as palm, maize and wicker and whilst they provide a safe and secure sleeping surface for your little one they do need padding to help protect and comfort your baby.

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A liner is placed under the basket dressing and will at the minimum cover the internal side walls all the way round a bit like a cot bumper. The better quality ones will also go right over the side walls and partly down the outside to cover the top edge of the moses basket. Take a look at the range of moses basket liners available to buy.

As part of your moses basket dressing set you want the lining of your moses basket to not only match but provide padding and decoration. Liners for moses baskets are available in a number of colours from the traditional white, pink and blue to modern greys.

The right type of liner depends on your needs. Fleece liners are snug and cosy and offer that extra comfort and soft to touch. A quilted liner can offer that traditional touch to any moses basket as well as offering warmth and a level of cosiness. Padded liners are popular choice as they are available in a number of colours and styles and offer that extra level of comfort and protection.

Why would you buy the moses basket liner only without a basket?

Not all moses baskets come with a liner and some baskets are bought second hand without any dressing. Some parents also want extra padding or an additional or replacement liner as they can be washed.

Will the liner fit a large or small moses basket?

Liners are sold in a specified size and are designed to stretch and shrink by a certain amount. Always check the size of the liner you are buying to ensure it will fit your basket. Some smaller Mamas and Papas or Clair De Lune models may not fit snuggly so if you have a branded basket look for a matching brand such as a Clair De Lune moses basket liner if you are unsure about size.

TIP: Check if the liner has holes for the moses basket handles as the moses basket lining may go an inch or so over the top of the basket.

Need a moses basket liner and hood?

moses basket liner and hood

Moses basket liners can be used with a matching hood. The hoods are usually attached to the basket with rods so the plastic or metal frame can be lowered and raised as required. The hood does not usually come with the liner but rather as part of a set of replacement moses basket covers.

Moses basket hood bar and fittings

moses basket hood frame and rods

Basket liner and hood sets are available to buy in a range of colours and styles and are usually sold as sets that include the bedding. Take a look at the moses basket cover sets. If you are looking to add a hood to your existing basket you can buy the hood fittings and bars which fit most baskets.

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