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Moses basket mattress protector

moses basket mattress protector

A mattress protector for your moses basket is essential as the covering on most mattresses are not waterproof. Whether it is a leaky nappy or posseting a safe and effective moses basket mattress protector will save your moses basket bedding from getting wet, potentially staining and damaging the mattress.

It's important the liquids do not get a chance to enter the mattress as they can be difficult to clean and it means your mattress will be out of action. Fluids such as vomit or posseting milk can cause rapid bacterial growth causing a danger to your baby.

When our children were smaller we kept two protectors so we could change them over at night with minimal fuss. Oftentimes if your baby has an accident and you removed the fitted sheet and mattress protector and replace it with a clean moses basket fitted sheet you can bet the same thing will happen again soon after and end up wetting the mattress because you've put your only protector in the wash.

Dudu N Girlie mattress protectors

Dudu N Girlie moses basket mattress protector

Dudu N Girlie makes a great range of mattress protectors for nursery bedding all the way to bedding for toddlers and young children. Their mattress protectors are made with breathable terry cotton top and are 100% waterproof PU layer so will allow airflow, feel soft and fully protect the mattress.

The Dudu N Girlie mattress protector has a 100% terry cotton top making it soft and comfortable for your little one. The PU backing is noise free so doesn't make that crnkley sound like you are sleeping on a plastic sheet. This is a fitted protector so the skirt of the protector fits snugly around the edge of the moses basket mattress making sure it stays in place and doesn't ride.

They are fully machine washable and safe for use in a tumble dryer making them easier to keep clean. Also because of the 100% waterproof layer it also acts as a barrier to dust mites and allergens that may otherwise irritate your baby.

Sizes are available in 28 x 76cm, 36 x 75cm, 36 x 76cm as well as a number of other sizes including mattress protectors for cribs, next to me cribs, travel cots, cots and cotbeds.

Little Green Sheep mattress protector for moses baskets

moses basket mattress protector little green sheep

Little Green Sheep are well known for the quality and safety of their baby products and their mattress protectors are popular for this reason. Their organic waterproof mattress protector is manufactured to a high standard being Oeko-Tex Class 1 certified for babies and toddlers.

It is designed to fit most basket sizes and carrycots. It is made from 100% organic cotton with a 100% waterproof membrane layer preventing liquid reaching the mattress. This luxury cotton protector is super soft, absorbent and breathable and is designed to soak up the liquid rather than let it pool much like how a nappy works.

I asked Little Green Sheep directly about the safety and breathability of their mattress protector and they told me 'It is all woven together, so the whole item is breathable'.

It is more expensive than the generic protectors you can buy but it costs more to make a protector that is compliant and safe for babies. If you are at all concerned about safety then the Little Green Sheep Organic mattress protector is for you.

mattress protector sizes for moses baskets

moses basket mattress protectors

Moses basket mattress protectors for small moses basket mattresses tend to be 67cm x 30cm or 68 x 30cm in size although some can be slightly smaller measuring 66cm x 28cm. Many of the protectors will fit slightly smaller mattresses but if the mattress is too large the fitted mattress protectors may be too tight.

For larger mattresses you can get protectors 77 x 35cm or 75 x 35cm. Both flat protectors and fitted protectors are available. Fitted means that they are more likely to stay in place and not move around whilst the flat mattress protectors are more flexible in that they can fit a wider variety of sizes.

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