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There are a wide range of different types of moses basket sheets with many trusted makes such as Clair de Lune, Schnuggle, Mamas and Papas, Kinder Valley and even Silent Night do sheets for babies. The main difference between different manufacturers is the quality.

Your new baby needs safety and comfort which is why many parents opt for 100% organic cotton sheets as the cost between better quality bedding and cheaper acrylic cotton blends is minimal.

Quality nursery bedding

As a new parent you want to keep your newborn safe and feel they are protected. Cotton sheets are natural and can be machine washed at 40 degrees. As cotton is a breathable material it can make it more comfortable for baby in summer by helping to keep them cool. In winter sheets can be added in thin layers although alway be mindful of keeping your baby at the right temperature and not making then too warm.

The perfect room temperature for babies. The optimum temperature for baby's bedroom is between 16 and 20 degrees Celsius.

Flat and fitted moses basket sheets

fitted sheets

You can get fitted sheets specifically to fit cots, cot beds, cribs and travel cots or a bassinet. Not only that if you have a specific make of baby bed you can get fitted sheets to specifically fit most brands such as Babylo, Babystyle, Hauck, Kindercraft, Jane, Tutti Bambini and Chicco amongst others.

You can buy Terry Towelling (good for absorbing moisture), soft and cosy flannelette or super soft pure cotton sheets. Baby bedding is available in a number of neutral colours that will blend well with any decor. Blue, pink, grey, lemon, cappuccino, cream and of course white babies sheets come in a range of sizes.

...sheets to cover the mattress – you need at least 4 because they need to be changed often; fitted sheets make life easier but can be quite expensive, so you could use pieces of old sheet.

Moses basket flat sheets are suitable for cots and prams as well as moses baskets. They do not have an elasticated edge that wraps round the edges of a foam mattress but are instead folded if used as a bottom sheet.

A cotton moses basket fitted sheet is usually placed over the mattress protector to make it more comfortable for baby and this is also the same for crib mattresses. They are machine washable and with the exception of towelling relatively fast drying.

Muslin baby swaddle blankets can also double as a sheet. Muslin has a light cotton weave so is very airy making it ideal for many different baby and toddler uses and you can even get an extra large muslin blanket. These are also useful to keep as your little one gets older as an extra blanket for a toddler bed.

Moses basket fitted sheets

Fitted sheets for moses baskets can vary in size from a width fitting of 28cm up to 35cm and lengths ranging from 70cm to 76cm. Moses basket sheets tend to have a degree of give due to the rounded ends of the mattresses they are designed to fit.

If you are unsure about fitment then it is best to purchase a fitted sheet designed for the basket. If you have a Clair de Lune moses basket then you'd buy a pack of Clair de Lune fitted sheets (74cm x 30cm).

Silentnight Moses basket fitted sheets

moses basket fitted sheets silentnight

The Safe Nights range of bedding from Silentnight is popular as they have a trusted history in baby bedding. Their fitted sheets are designed to fit standard sized moses baskets (74cm x 27cm)

The fitted sheets are made in Oeko-Tex certified facilities meaning that they should not be made with harmful or dangerous substances. These are also breathable and made from 100% jersey cotton giving them feel really soft and cosy to the touch.

You have a range of colours and styles to choose from including the standard grey, pink, white, cream and duck egg (blue) as well as some stylish prints including stars and letters.

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