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Whether you are putting the baby to sleep at your bedside at night or your new baby is enjoying a daytime nap then a moses basket stand comes in handy. It makes it easier to lift your baby in and out of the moses basket and allows you to keep baby close to you whilst they are napping and you can get on with other tasks.

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When baby is with you elsewhere in the house a stand makes it more convenient to stay in contact with your little one should they need a comforting touch or cuddle for reassurance. In the living room the stand brings your newborn up to your level if sitting in a chair or settee. If you are at the dining table they will be easier to reach being closer to chair level.

There are a range of different types of stand to suit different scenarios such as a rocking moses basket stand, foldable stand convenient for travel and and gentle moses basket gliding stand to safely and comfortably soothe or encourage your little one to sleep.

You can buy moses basket stands separately without the basket as you may need a replacement or you may decide that you want to try a rocking stand. Many stands are collapsible so you can fold them down to store away without taking up too much room. They take up less room if you have to travel too.

When choosing a stand for a moses basket make sure that you choose a quality and sturdily built one. Not only will quality nursery furniture last longer but it will resist knocks and bumps that may topple some lightweight stands that are not as well built.

Stands will usually accommodate a wide range of baby baskets, bassinets or pods and often feature adjustable restraint bars or straps to keep everything secure.

Like cots and cribs many moses baskets require some assembly. Folding stands tend not to arrive ready made as they can be folded and packed in the factory.

If you need a moses basket with a stand then take a look at some of these beautiful moses basket and stand sets or just looking for a moses basket for baby.

There are some well known brands that you should consider as they have a track record in producing quality nursery products. Some you may recognise or if not look out for include Mamas and Papas, Kinder Valley, Clair de Lune, Shnuggle, 4Baby and Mychild.

If you are on a budget and are looking to get a moses basket stand cheap then there are several generic ones available. However you may be surprised to find that you can pick up a low cost Clair de Lune moses basket stands that is cheaper than most of the unbranded ones.

Best selling moses basket stand

clair de lune deluxe rocking moses basket stand

One of the most popular and best selling stands is the Clair de Lune deluxe rocking moses basket stand made with solid pine and available in natural, blue, grey, pink, white and dark wood.

It's suitable for all Clair de Lune Moses baskets and Noah pods as well as other brands and generic baskets due to the adjustable plastic straps that hold the basket securely. This is a side to side rocker but can be locked in a static position if needed.

Stands are designed to fit a wide range of moses baskets and generally have adjustable plastic straps to hold the basket more securely. If you have a large moses basket be sure to check that your chosen stand can accommodate it.

Styles to match your nursery and bedding

One of the most popular colour choices for stands is grey with white also being an equally popular choice. This is great if you need to match your colour choices to modern nursery furniture or baby bedding. Other colours include Pink, blue, beige and off white as well as wooden stands.

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