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You want to find the best moses basket for your new baby but are not sure which one to get. Here you will discover which baskets parents are choosing for their little ones to keep them safe and snug. We look at build quality, find out what real parents are saying which products are the safest for baby.

Best selling moses baskets

In a hurry? If you don't want to delve into too much detail right now here are the 3 Best selling moses baskets.

The Moses Basket Noah Pod or Snug

moses basket pod

The Clair de Lune Noah Pod is one of the best selling pod or snug type moses baskets. They are distinguished by the fixed half hood and foot hood rather than having a moveable fabric hood. They have plenty of room to take baby in and out and customers are reporting that these Pod type baskets seem more solid.

Parents tend to buy the Noah Pod or Snug as it has a more modern look than the traditional basket and many have commented on how much better they look.

Take a look at the other styles and colors available.

The Best Selling Traditional Moses Basket

The Millie and Boris Mamas and Papas moses basket continues to be a customer favourite. Parents comment on the quality and build of this branded range.

best selling mamas and papas moses basket

Mamas and Papas are one of the leading brands known for their quality products. The company was started by parents wanting to provide safe quality baby products which is why they have their own safety test labs where everything they sell gets tested.

The Millie and Boris range is both cute and stylish and available in a range of boys, girls and neutral designs. You can buy a basket and stand combination or just buy the basket on its own with covers.

Best Value Moses Basket

best value for money moses basket and stand

You don't have to spend a fortune and there are some real bargains which is why we recommend this best value basket. As well as the natural palm moses basket you get padded lining, a mattress and a sturdy rocking stand.

Customers have consistently given this stand and basket set a high level of feedback and commented on the great value for money for a decent quality product.

Why Moses Baskets are Recommended

For the first 6 months or so of your baby's life it is recommended that they sleep in a moses basket (or cot) in the same room as the parents. Although they may only need the basket for three months consider this; your baby can sleep upto 18 hours a day so they need somewhere safe and secure.

The Lullaby Trust recommends that your baby sleeps in the same room as you including daytime naps. A moses basket can be moved from room to room more easily. The Lullaby Trust has a useful page about moses baskets and safer sleeping.

Are Moses Baskets Safe?

This type of baby basket has been used for eons and the name derives from when Moses was left in a basket in the bulrushes. The materials haven't changed much as has the design because it has proved to be safe and effective.

They are made from natural materials such as palm, wicker and maize as babies are more sensitive to man made materials. This makes the basket lightweight yet sturdy allowing them to be easily moved from room to room as your baby should sleep in the same room as you day or night. The basket design also makes baby feel comfortable and secure.

All the materials from the basket to the bedding are specifically designed for small babies so they are protected and comforted to be safe for your baby.

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