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Are you looking for a Next2Me crib for your new baby?

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Next2Me are a range of bedside cribs from Chicco that are a modern take on the more traditional moses basket. If you are looking to buy a Next to Me crib then you may also want to consider a bedside crib and not necessarily a Chicco branded item.

There are a number of brands that offer bedside co-sleeping cribs such as FYLO, Tutti Bambino, Maxi-Cosi, COSTWAY, Kinderkraft, Kite Gold co, PurFlo and SnuzPod to name some of the main brands. The Chicco Next2Me range is probably the most well known but as you can see there are a range of great alternatives to consider.

For the first few months, you'll need a crib, carrycot or Moses basket (a light, portable bassinet). Your baby needs to sleep somewhere that's safe, warm and not too far from you.

Bedside co-sleeping cribs

Bedside cots and co-sleeping cribs like Chicco's Next to Me range are a modern twist on the proven moses basket. They are not for everyone, let's be realistic not everyone can afford a modern bedside crib with prices starting at around £80 and the top models can cost a couple of hundred. For comparison you can get a cheap moses basket and stand for around £40.

Some of the benefits of a bedside crib are that they are height adjustable, generally larger and most importantly have access via a removable side rather than having to lift baby over the side of a moses basket.

Additional features of some crib models include a reflux setting to tilt the head of the crib, a rocking feature, accurate height adjustment and lockable wheels for easier crib movement.

Best next to me cribs

If you are looking for the best next to me cribs for sale in the UK and bedside cribs then below is a round up of the best selling and most popular cribs sold in the UK. Included are the third party review ratings from trusted sources such as Argos, John Lewis, Google and Amazon.

The reviews are the amalgamated from customers who have purchased these products online from the respective stores and left a rating out of 5. The ratings are correct as of February 2020.

Chicco Next2Me Elegance

Amazon 4.8
Google 4.7
Argos 4.8
John Lewis 4.7
You can Buy from here

Chicco Next2Me Dream

Amazon 4.6
Google 4.7
Argos 4.8
John Lewis 4.4
You can Buy from here

Chicco Next2Me Magic

Amazon 4.9
Google 4.5
Argos 4.6
John Lewis 4.2
You can Buy from here

Red Kite Baby Nebula

Amazon 5
Google 5
Argos 5
John Lewis -
You can Buy from here

Snüz SnüzPod 3

Amazon 4.4
Google 4.7
Argos 4.8
John Lewis 4.8
You can Buy from here

Shnuggle Air Bedside Crib

Amazon 4.1
Google 3.2
Argos -
John Lewis 3.2
You can Buy from here

Which next to me crib is best?

According to reviews and sales popularity the Chicco Next2me bedside cribs rate as the best. They are top rated by sites such as The Independent, Made for Mums, kid transit, The Radar, Mother and Baby and are a consistent best selling crib on Amazon.

What age can you use a next to me crib?

Cribs are designed to be an alternative to a moses basket and are suitable from birth to about 6 months or 9kg (just under 20 pounds). They tend to be larger than a moses basket and less suitable for moving from room to room and so are usually left by the parents bedside.

I have 17 day old twin girls and I just bought a Chicco next to me and I love it! Before we had them in their carry cots on the pram in our bedroom but I was constantly having to get up out of bed to comfort them, it was knackering me. We decided to just try the next to me cot and it's amazing...

Can you tilt a next to me crib?

One of the benefits of a crib over a standard moses basket is that they tend to have a tilt feature. Rather than having to use a blanket to raise the head end of the babies bed if they have reflux you can titl the entire crib slightly and lock it in place hence raising your babies head.

Does the next to me crib fit any bed?

Cribs are designed to be fitted close up to the parents bed and so are designed to be height adjustable. Depending on the model a crib can be physically attached to your bedside, usually through the use of straps.

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