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Replacement Moses Basket Covers

Are you are looking to buy an additional moses basket dressing set including liner, hood and covers?

replacement moses basket bedding set

It's a sensible idea to make sure you have replacement moses basket bedding for your little one. For the first 3 months your new baby will sleep in the same room as you in their baby basket. It offers a safe and secure place for them to sleep and it makes it easier for you to scoop them up and place them back down should they need feeding or comforting.

Dressing a moses basket

Getting ready for the arrival of your new baby is both exciting and a time of apprehension, especially if it is your first. Dressing the moses basket is part of this joyous occasion and choosing the right dressing and bedding should be fun.

Thankfully there is a fantastic range of dressing sets with stylish and modern grey sets that are suitable for both boys and girls. You can pick up matching basket liners and sheets to get a stylish and adorably dressed basket.

Baby can posset (Reflux affects around 40% of babies), nappies can leak or they can bring up their feed at night which soils the bedding. Soiled bedding needs to be replaced.

There are some popular bedding sets and covers from Clair De Lune and Mothercare but as moses baskets are more or less a similar size you will find that most types of baby bedding will fit.

Whilst the branded bedding tends to be of better quality, have a softer feel and a level of snugness that makes it worth investing in quality that will last, wash and wear well don't overlook some of the less well known names.

Some of the less well known baby brands have specialised in making quality basket covers and baby bedding for decades and some you may be surprised to know are made right here in the UK. Family run businesses that have had generations of experience in producing tried and tested products that parents can trust.

Replacement Moses Basket Hood and Covers Sets

Buying moses basket replacement covers, liner and hood means that you have an extra set whilst one is being washed and dried. As these sets are quite decorative they make ideal new baby gifts.

Dressing sets usually include the hood cover, basket frill and basket lining, padded quilt and thick under liner. Colours available tend to be the traditional white, blue, pink and grey and styled smooth, with dimples or frilled.

Spare moses basket dressing set prices tend to cost around the £20 mark although branded products such as Mamas and Papas or personalised covers can cost a little more.

Moses Basket Bedding Set

The Moses basket dressing only lines and covers the basket itself and your baby is not usually in direct contact with the material.

The moses basket coverlet can be used as a dressing whilst the moses basket is not in use. A coverlet can be a decorative quilted blanket or a comfy warm fleece.

The actual bedding including the cotton sheets, mattress, mattress cover and mattress protector are not always part of a complete set as you are more likely to need spares of these as they are more likely to get soiled.

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