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Rocking Moses Basket Stand

Moses basket stands are available as fixed or foldable units for easier storage or the alternative as some parents prefer is a Moses basket rocking stand. Rocking stands only differ in the fact they are designed to rock back and forth in order to help settle their little one. The rocking motion help many babies get off to sleep as they find it comforting and reassuring.

rocking moses basket stands

You can buy a rocking stand either on its own or part of a stand and basket set that can include the basket and all of the necessary covers. As many stands and baskets are standard sizes you should be able to get a rocking stand for your moses basket if you already have the basket.

Stand Colour Options

White rocking moses basket stands are proving to be popular with parents buying white moses baskets and bedding. Rocking stands are generally sold in neutral colours so that you can buy them to coordinate with your basket and bedding. The other popular neutral colour options are natural wood and grey.

Folding rocking moses basket stands

folding rocking moses basket stand

Foldable moses basket stands are an option if you need to be able to store the stand away or use it as a travel stand. The big difference to note between a fixed and foldable rocking stand is the way that they rock.

Now this may not be a big issue for most but due to the folding design it will rock side to side rather than back and forth like a rocking horse. This shouldn't matter to your little one as it is the gentle motion that soothes and sends them to sleep. You may also find it easier to rock side to side if the stand is at the side of your bed.

The automatic rocking moses basket stand

There isn't an automatic rocking moses basket stand available as such but you can get the Robopax automatic baby rocker where the rocker has been designed to place a moses basket on top of it. It is low to the ground so not ideal as a replacement for a rocking stand. It can however be used to rock pushchairs, strollers and car seats as well.

The automatic rocker tends to only be used for babies who are having trouble falling to sleep easily rather than a first resort.

Mamas and Papas Rocking Moses Basket Stand

mamas and papas rocking moses basket stand

Mamas and Papas do their own branded rocking stand to fit their own brand baskets as well as standard sized Moses baskets of other brands and non-branded manufacturers. You moses basket needs to be between 65cm and 91.5cm in length and between 30 to 37.5cm in width to fit with Mamas and Papas stands.

Rocking Moses Basket and Stand Set

rocking moses basket and stand set

If you don't already have a basket then it will be more cost effective to buy a rocking stand and moses basket with covers as a set. There are quite a range of colours and designs including side to side and back and forth rocking motions.

Should I Use a Rocking Moses Basket Stand or Not?

Parents are divided when it comes to the question of whether or not to use rocking as a method to soothe or get their baby to sleep.

Side to side or back and forth rocking?

One thing to consider is whether you buy a rocking stand that side rocks or rocks back and forth. Why? Well as your baby gets bigger some parents have commented that because your baby's head is heavier than their feet the stand will tilt back leaving baby's feet higher than their head.

To solve this parents have used different solutions including buying rocking stand with a rest so it acts like a fixed stand when not being rocked or buying a side to side rocker which avoids this problem.

Baby getting used to being rocked to sleep

One of the main fears parents have is that their little one will get used to the rocking motion and then need to be rocked all the time to get to sleep. Every baby is different so this may not be a problem for some where it is for others.

On the other hand babies that do have problems getting to sleep a rocking stand can be a life saver allowing parents and baby to get some much needed sleep.

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